Nobody likes conflict and arguing is unnecessary, but what do you do when you’re frustrated and your partner isn’t responsive to your needs? All good relationships are built with good communication, and conflict is the number one reason why couples seek outside help for their relationship.

If your relationship needs better communication, dive into this section and learn:

  1. How to approach your partner so they will listen
  2. Strategies for effectively asserting your needs
  3. How your differences can create deeper closeness and connection rather than split you apart
  4. How seemingly unsolvable relationship problems can be addressed without sacrificing love and happiness
  5. And more!

Don’t let conflict destroy your relationships, give peace a chance!


Do you have an issue in your relationship that just doesn’t go away? What are the 4 ways that you can deal with it. What if there seems like there is no solution? 

Part of my #TogetherTuesday series.

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What is Jealousy and Why do So Many Struggle with it?

Jealousy comes from fear.  

Fear of losing our partner, fear of someone else having a better connection with our partner.  It stems from being insecure about yourself, insecure about your relationship or the need to control.  None of which results in a pretty picture.  It just simply can ruin your relationship.

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