Intimacy is the difference between being roommates and having a fulfilling relationship. But intimacy can be challenging and we all have our limits to how much closeness we can experience before we need some space. So how can we experience deep, satisfying, growing intimacy together? Let’s find out!

In this section you’ll discover tips and strategies to help you:

  1. deepen intimacy in your relationship while maintaining your individuality
  2. experience deepening levels of intimacy, beyond what you thought was possible
  3. co-create the intimacy you both want in your relationship
  4. And more!

True intimacy requires taking emotional risks, which can be scary, but is what it takes to have a fulfilling relationship. Go for it!

7 Tips to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

In today’s world couples struggle to maintain successful love relationships that last. Statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.  Many couples are choosing to cohabit but still want a relationship that is stable and loving. You may have unrealistic expectations of romance and long-term partnerships. You may have an idealized vision of the perfect relationship based on your dreams, ideas, and fantasies. The media often inspire fantasy ideas about marriage. When a marriage begins to lose its “glow” and reality sets in, many couples break up rather than trying to make it a viable relationship.   So, here are seven tips to divorce-proof your marriage: 1. UNDERSTAND THAT RELATIONSHIPS GO THROUGH DIFFERENT STAGES The initial “falling in love” phase is an exciting and amazing stage of a relationship, but it is important to know that this is only a stage. It is not likely to last. Many couples do not make an effort to grow when they encounter the ‘power struggle,’ the second stage. Those who grow through this stage can then move into a deeper, more mature love. In what stage is your relationship? A)  newly in love B) Power struggle C) Mature love. What might you do to ensure you get through the difficult “power struggle” stage to progress to the mature love stage?     2. MINDSET: GROWTH OR FIXED? Do you believe you and others can grow and change or do you say “That’s just the way I am.”?  Knowing that you can learn from experience

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Cook up a Little Romance on Date Night

Finding a way to make date night special if you’re on a tight budget or can’t find a babysitter can be tough. But even a low-key date night can be extra sexy, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort – it just takes the right food! What are we talking about? Aphrodisiacs! Now, obviously simply eating “sexy” foods isn’t necessarily going to lead to the bedroom. But they can add a little bit of extra fun to your night – especially if you work on the meal plan and cooking together. Try any of the following foods for your next at-home date night to get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your partner ready for an extra fun dessert. Oysters. A classic aphrodisiac. They contain both zinc (which is linked to a higher sex drive) and specific amino acids that aid in the production of sex hormones. Chocolate. Ever wonder why we give our lovers boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate isn’t only a delicious treat, it helps to put your partner in a good mood. Dark chocolate specifically is known to trigger dopamine, a chemical in the brain that invokes feelings of pleasure. Avocado. Not only are avocados healthy and full of good fats, they’re also a great aphrodisiac. Add them to your meal for some Vitamin E, which keeps you feeling young and energized. Chai Tea. Coffee is an aphrodisiac, but you want to feel sexy – not wired. Chai tea is a great alternative that will let you

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