The biggest challenge of frustrated singles is finding potential partners. The internet is a fantastic tool for finding potential partners that comes with many challenges and pitfalls. Too many singles fear being scammed, lied to, and taken advantage of online, so they avoid it and give up dating altogether, frustrated at how hard it is to find potential partners.

Our goal is to help you leverage the internet to find the love of your life by:

  1. Developing an online profile that magnetizes your ideal partner
  2. Learning strategies to effectively and efficiently find and screen potential partners
  3. Protecting yourself online and offline from undesirable situations
  4. Knowing exactly what to do on the first date and beyond for long term relationship success

10 Tips to Online Dating Success

When I meet with clients and ask them if they have ever tried online dating, I generally first hear a groan and then something like, “that doesn’t work” or “I don’t want to put my information out there”. I smile as I listen to their experiences and tell them there is a method to the online dating madness. I then ask them if they’d be open to trying again with the help/guidance of a professional and most times they agree.

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