Dating is confusing enough but when you add kids into the mix, things can get a whole lot more complicated. All singles have challenges dating, getting to know potential partners, asserting boundaries, and determining compatibility. But when children are involved, any decisions you make not only impact your life, but theirs too.

Single parents want to know…

  1. When do I introduce my kids to someone I’m dating?
  2. Is it OK for my partner to discipline my kids?
  3. What if they don’t get along?
  4. How can I balance the needs of my kids AND nurture a new relationship?
  5. Where can I meet someone who will also love my kids
  6. …and much more

Ready to add a partner into your life? Your family’s future starts here!

Cook up a Little Romance on Date Night

Finding a way to make date night special if you’re on a tight budget or can’t find a babysitter can be tough. But even a low-key date night can be extra sexy, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort – it just takes the right food! What are we talking about? Aphrodisiacs! Now, obviously simply eating “sexy” foods isn’t necessarily going to lead to the bedroom. But they can add a little bit of extra fun to your night – especially if you work on the meal plan and cooking together. Try any of the following foods for your next at-home date night to get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your partner ready for an extra fun dessert. Oysters. A classic aphrodisiac. They contain both zinc (which is linked to a higher sex drive) and specific amino acids that aid in the production of sex hormones. Chocolate. Ever wonder why we give our lovers boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate isn’t only a delicious treat, it helps to put your partner in a good mood. Dark chocolate specifically is known to trigger dopamine, a chemical in the brain that invokes feelings of pleasure. Avocado. Not only are avocados healthy and full of good fats, they’re also a great aphrodisiac. Add them to your meal for some Vitamin E, which keeps you feeling young and energized. Chai Tea. Coffee is an aphrodisiac, but you want to feel sexy – not wired. Chai tea is a great alternative that will let you

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Ask our coaches: How long should I wait before introducing my children to someone I’m dating?

Dear Coaches,
I have been divorced from my husband for almost two years now. I am a little hesitant to get out and start dating, but I want to try. It has been a long time since I have dated and times have definitely changed.

I just want dating to be simple and have fun with the journey. Can you please give me advice about dating after being divorced?

– Joan, from California

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