Life is full of transitions, some that you choose, and some that are chosen for you. Sometimes navigating transitions can be challenging and you can get stuck and lose hope and motivation.

In this section you’ll find tips and strategies for successfully navigating:

  1. Aging and Retirement
  2. Pregnancy and Parenthood
  3. Empty Nest
  4. Suddenly Single
  5. Chronic Health Issues
  6. New Relationship
  7. Newly Married
  8. Employment Changes
  9. Relocation/Expat/Immigration
  10. And more!

Should I Stay or Go? How to Solve the Hardest Relationship Question

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” is one of the most common questions we get from our clients who are agonizing over their relationship, desperately wanting to make the right choice and wishing they had a crystal ball to foresee the future consequences of their decision. While we don’t have the answer for your unique situation (and wouldn’t believe anyone who said they did), our goal as relationship coaches is to support you to make this life-changing decision as clearly, positively, and confidently as possible.

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