The Real Deal

from about our products:

When I first met Kim, three years ago, I thought that “coaching” was a crock of poo. However, through her patience, passion, and guidance I realized that how I looked at and resolved things were changing. I then realized that coaching is an amazing tool and Kim is fantastic at it! A truly passionate person who listens; does not tell you what to think or do, but guides and helps you see life from perspectives that you may never have thought of before. She has helped me conquer and utilize so many life tools that I feel stronger in my resolutions and goals. My marriage is stronger, my passion for life is bubbling and often fueled by the knowledge that three years ago I would have just shot myself in the foot and given up, but most importantly I laugh – I laugh at myself – I laugh at the little things that once were so insignificant that they did not exist: My life was too big for little things. I will always be thankful for the “Kim Voice” that has helped me learn to enjoy the little things in life again.

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